Seminar : Maxim Dolgushev (LPTMC, Sorbonne Université) – Friday 14 Jan 2022 at 11am

Publié le : 14/01/2022

Seminar : Maxim Dolgushev

Intramolecular dynamics of hyperbranched macromolecules

Friday 14 January 2022 at 11am (online, on Zoom)


Branched polymers, as opposed to linear chains, have points of branching. If the concentration of branching points is high – we deal with hyperbranched polymers. These polymers, because of their compact structure have special rheological properties and can be also used as nanocarriers. Given the high concentration of branching points, there are typically few chemical bonds between them, so that they are locally stiff, or in other words, the bending energy is important. This talk will focus on the role of bending energy (i.e., semi-flexibility) for the dynamics of hyperbranched macromolecules, which plays a crucial role for the local dynamics. This could be observed in the NMR relaxation experiments of dendrimers, which are perfectly branched tree-like macromolecules. Our theory captures the qualitative experimental behavior. Finally, the results for hyperbranched polymers modeled by fractals (i.e., belonging to a different universality class than the dendrimers) will be presented.