Seminar : Friederike Schmid (University of Mainz, Institute of Physics) – Friday 11 March 2022 at 11am (online)

Publié le : 11/03/2022

Colloids in a bath of particles : (How) can we tell whether they are at equilibrum ?

Friederike Schmid*, Gerhard Jung+, Jeanine Shea*

*University of Mainz, Institute of Physics
+Presently at University de Montpellier, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb

Friday 11 March 2022 at 11am (on Zoom)


We consider systems of nanocolloids immersed in a bath of particles under equilibrium and different nonequilibrium conditions : Driven colloids and colloids in a bath of active particles. The dynamical equation of such colloids can be described by a Generalized Langevin Equation (GLE) that includes memory. We first characterize the motion of the colloid in relation to the bath for the different situations, and then focus on the question whether it is possible to identify signatures of nonequilibrium just from looking at the colloid, without having information on the bath.