Séminaire Ondrej Hovorka (Univ. Southampton) – 13/09/2019 à 11h

Publié le : 13/09/2019

Séminaire de Ondrej Hovorka (Univ. Southampton) :

Understanding collective phenomena and locomotion of magnetic nanoparticles for nanomedicine

le vendredi 13 septembre 2019 à 11h, salle des conseils de l’UFR de Chimie (32-42.101).


Understanding collective phenomena and locomotion of magnetic nanoparticles for nanomedicine

Ondrej Hovorka

Assistant Professor in Computational Modelling, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Southampton

In this talk we review our research activities related to computational modelling of magnetic nanoparticles in the context of biomedical applications, such as magnetic particle hyperthermia, magnetic resonance imaging or directed particle transport for drug delivery. The emphasis will be given on studying the effects of inter-particle interactions, which can lead to suppressed or enhanced performance in applications depending on the extent of nanoparticle aggregation and clustering. We will also discuss our recent work into using nanoparticles as active swimmers for enhanced transport in complex biological environments.

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