Séminaire de Vincent Noel (Université de Paris) – 11/12/2020 à 11h

Publié le : 11/12/2020

Séminaire de Vincent Noel (ITODYS, Université de Paris)

Electrolyte-Gated Field-Effect Transistors for Biomolecular Reactions Transduction : When Electronics meets Electrolytes

le vendredi 11 décembre 2020 à 11h en visio-conférence


Electrolyte-Gated Organic Field-Effect Transistors (EGOFETs) are a subset of Field-Effect Transistors in which the organic semiconductor (OSC) channel conductivity is modulated through an electrolyte placed between the gate electrode and the OSC. Due to the high mobility of the ionic charge carriers present into the electrolyte, the voltage drop between the gate and the channel is concentrated within the electrochemical double layers (EDLs) at both the OSC/electrolyte and the electrolyte/gate interfaces. The high sensitivity of the transistor output characteristics toward the EDLs structure (size, composition) makes EGOFETs ideal candidates for biosensing applications. The typical analytical methodology consists in functionalizing one of the EDLs with specific bioreceptors, in order to guarantee that the recognition event is efficiently read out by the transistor.

During this seminar, the operating principle of these EGOFETs will be detailed. The relationship between its constituents (size of the electrodes, composition of the electrolyte) and the output characteristics will be discussed on the basis of experimental results and preliminary results coming from multiphysics modeling of transistors. The interest of EGOFETs as new analytical tools will be illustrated through several examples developed in the team such as the monitoring of enzymatic reactions, competitive exchange processes or the photosynthetic activity of micro-organisms.