Séminaire de Markus Valtiner (Vienna University of Technology) – 13/03/2020 à 11h

Publié le : 13/03/2020

Séminaire de Markus Valtiner (Vienna University of Technology)

How ion-ion and ion-wall interactions modulate charge regulation and ion layering in ionic liquid filled nanopores

le vendredi 13 mars 2020 à 11h
en salle des conseils de l’UFR de Chimie (42.43.101)


Ion mobility and ionic liquid structuring within nano pores is central to all aspects of technologic exploitation of ionic liquids ; from lubrication to electrochemical device performance. Yet, the direct observation of ion mobility and structuring in a sub-nanometer confinement is experimentally challenging and, so far, solely accessible to molecular simulations and with lower resolution to force probe experiments. Here, I will discuss new advances with these techniques with the potential to resolved charge regulation in ionic liquid solutions in an electrochemically modulated nano-slit. I will discuss charging rates in response to a surface charge modulation as well as charge dependent ion layering in nano pores. Both recent experimental advances and exciting new results will be discussed, with a strong emphasis on how we can bridge theory and experiment in terms of the multi scale nature of the problem