Séminaire 23.11.2016 – 10h30

Publié le : 23/11/2016

Barbara Hribar-Lee (Université de Ljubljana) présentera mercredi 23 novembre à 10h30, dans la salle de séminaire de la faculté de Chimie (32.42.101), un séminaire intitulé :

Ion specific effects in aqueous solutions – the interplay of ionic and hydrophobic effects


The ion specific effects in aqueous solutions are an important phenomenon present in a large variety of systems, from simple electrolyte solutions to complex biological systems. A common situation that occurs in aqueous solutions that are of biological, or technological importance, is the presence of complex ions, or even polyions in the solutions. The structuring of water caused by the ionic charges is therefore modified by the presence of the hydrophobic groups. We have studied the ion specific effects via computer simulations, as well as via experimental methods. Our results on electrolytes, as well as polyelectrolyte solutions show that solution properties are determined by charged and uncharged groups, and the effects are not additive. The presence of the hydrophobic groups may modify the Hofmeister series. To rationalize the ion specific effects, solvent has to be included in calculation explicitly.