Séminaire 23.01.2019 – 10h30

Publié le : 23/01/2019

Botao Huang, actuellement jeune chercheur au MIT, présentera un séminaire intitulé

Non-Covalent Interactions In Electrochemical Reactions And Implication In Clean Energy Applications

le mercredi 23 janvier 2019 à 10h30, salle 101, couloir 32-42, 1er étage.


Understanding non-covalent interactions in the electrified interfaces is critical to design energy-conversion and energy-storage devices. Tuning non-covalent interactions associated with solvent molecules and redox-inactive ions provides new opportunities to enhance the reaction entropy changes and reaction kinetics of metal redox centers [1], which can increase the thermodynamic efficiency of energy conversion devices such as thermo-electrochemical cells and fuel cells. In this work, the contribution of non-covalent interactions in one electron transfer reactions (e.g. ferri/ferrocyanide and aquo iron) and multi-electron transfer reactions (such as HOR/HER, ORR and OER) was studied, where different structure making/breaking ions were employed. These structure making/breaking ions were found to tune reaction entropy by altering the solvation shell of redox active species and modifying the interfacial water structure of electrode surface, where kinetics is faster at higher reaction entropy. New sights for electrochemical reaction mechanisms have been provided.


[1] B. Huang, S. Muy, S. Feng, Y. Katayama, Y. Lu, G. Chen and Y. Shao-horn, Non-covalent interactions in electrochemical reactions and implications in clean energy applications PCCP, 20:15680, 2018