Séminaire 22.09.2015 – 11h00

Publié le : 22/05/2015

Andrea Balducci (Helmholtz Institute, Ulm, Allemagne), présentera un séminaire le 22 septembre à 11h dans la salle RC31 de l’Atrium (attention, lieu inhabituel !) intitulé :

Tuning the ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions in ionic liquids-based electrolytes for high power devices


Ionic liquids (ILs) might display high ionic conductivity, high chemical-thermal stability and large electrochemical stability. Thanks of these properties ILs are presently regarded as one of the most promising class of alternative electrolytes for lithium batteries (LIB) and electrochemical double-layer capacitors (SC).

In the last years many studies have been dedicated to the investigation of the chemical-physical properties of IL-based electrolytes. Nevertheless, still many properties of this class of electrolytes should be further investigated. Among the others, the investigation of the ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions appear one of the most important. As a matter of fact, without a clear understanding of these interactions it is not possible to tune the properties of these electrolyte and, thus, to take fully advantage of their favorable features in LIB and SC.

In the past mainly aprotic ionic liquids (AILs) have been investigated as electrolytes for LIB and SC. More recently also protic ionic liquids (PILs) have been considered as possible electrolytes for these devices. In this presentation a comparison between ion-ion and ion-solvent interactions taking place in aprotic and protic ionic liquids-based electrolytes will be presented. The similarities and the differences between these two classes of ILs will be considered in detail. Moreover, also the consequence on the abovementioned interactions on the performance of SC and LIB will be discussed.