Séminaire 10.02.2015 – 10h30

Publié le : 10/02/2015

Jean-Pierre Korb, du laboratoire Physique de la Matière Condensée (Ecole Polytechnique) présentera un séminaire le 10 février à 10h30 dans la bibliothèque du laboratoire PHENIX (7e étage, bâtiment F, porte 754) intitulé :

Multiscale NMR approach of dynamics of petroleum fluids confined in shale-oil rocks


It is critical to probe in situ the dynamics and wettability of oil, water and gas trapped in the complex microstructure of shale-oil rocks. However, usual techniques cannot separate these fluids in shale rocks. In this lecture, we present multi-frequency and multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic relaxation (NMR) techniques for probing these dynamics. The frequency dispersion behaviors of the longitudinal relaxation rates 1/T1 for oil and water confined in shales are interpreted through a relaxation model showing 1-D (oil) and 2-D (water) diffusing phases confined within the organic kerogen and mineral layers, respectively. We probe the average hopping and residence times of these fluids at pore surfaces and assign signals to water and oil at both organic and mineral pore surfaces for characterizing their local wettability. This allows interpreting our 2-D T1-T2 correlation spectra that could be made down-hole, thus giving invaluable tool for investigating oil and gas recovery on these important porous rocks.