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Temps plein, CDD
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Durée du contrat
3 years
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4 Place Jussieu, Paris, 75005
Date de publication
11 avril 2024
Valide jusqu’au
12 mai 2024
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PhD position: Self-assembly of charged molecular colloids with model polyelectrolytes

Self-assembly of charged molecular colloids
with model polyelectrolytes_PhD_


Abstract : Polyhedral oligomeric silesquioxanes (POSS) are small molecular colloids which, thanks to their size of 1-3 nm and their easily modifiable pendant groups, are placed in a little explored area between ions and nanoparticles. This project aims to study their interactions with model polyelectrolytes (PEs) to form self-assemblies having varied structures (complexes, coacervates or precipitates) which would allow, to control phase separation, for example, for extraction or depollution applications. The objectives of this thesis are i) the synthesis of POSS of controlled charge and size and ii) the characterization of these POSS and their self-assemblies with model PEs of variable rigidity using several experimental techniques in order to identify the physico-chemical relevant parameters (charge ratio, size, PE persistence length and ionic strength) to modulate the structure of self-assemblies and extend phase separation.

MEM team: The PhD student will work in the Multiscale Experiments and Modeling team in the
multidisciplinary PHENIX laboratory located in the campus Pierre et Marie Curie of Sorbonne Université, in
the center of Paris. The MEM team gathers 16 permanent researchers and 16 non-permanents researchers
(postdocs and PhD students) from different nationalities. The team focuses on the understanding and
prediction of the behavior of charged systems (polymers, nanoparticles, electrolytes…) under many
conditions such as confinement using experimental techniques or simulations. The involved complementary
skills coupled with regular team meetings provide a stimulating scientific environment for young PhD


Techniques et methods : Synthesis and POSS chemical modification, mass spectrometry, zeta potential, NMR, scattering techniques (light, SANS, SAXS), formulation


Candidate profile: chemical modification, physico- chemical characterization, polymer chemistry and formulation


Application : Send a resume to LingsamTea and/or Nicolas Jouault
Contact: lingsam.tea@sorbonne-universite.fr,  nicolas.jouault@sorbonne-universite.fr

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