Séminaire PHENIX : Andrea Parmeggiani Vendredi 26 Mai 2023 11h Salle Lévisalles

Publié le : 26/05/2023

Non-equilibrium transport along networks: Intracellular traffic rules and molecular crowding by some physical models

Andrea Parmeggiani, Laboratoire Charles Coulomb, University of Montpellier, CNRS

Intracellular organization and dynamics of cargos inside biological cells are non-equilibrium phenomena driven by families of highly specialized molecular machines called motor proteins.
In this seminar, I will introduce some general properties of these systems and show how one can model them from a physico-mathematical perspective. I will present some models of molecular transport of motor proteins along cytoskeletal networks of increasingly complexity: collective (and eventually counterintuitive) physical phenomena of crowding of these nanoscopic shuttles along the cytoskeleton can then occur.