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Séminaire 22.03.2012 - 11h00

par Benjamin Rotenberg - 24 février 2012

Matthieu Vandamme, du Laboratoire Navier (Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech), présentera un séminaire le 22 mars 2012 à 11h00 dans la bibliothèque du laboratoire PECSA (7e étage, bâtiment F, porte 754) intitulé :

Coupling of Adsorption and Strain in Microporous Media : Application of Molecular Simulations and Poromechanical Modeling to Enhanced Coal Bed Methane Recovery


Injecting carbon dioxide in coal bed methane reservoirs facilitates the recovery of the methane, a process known as enhanced coal bed methane recovery (ECBM). Such a technique also enables to store carbon dioxide, thus partially compensating the emissions of carbon dioxide associated with the consumption of the produced methane. But the injected carbon dioxide gets adsorbed in the micropores of the coal matrix, which makes the coal swell. Such a swelling leads to a closure of the cleat system (small natural fractures) of the reservoir and therefore to a loss of injectivity. In this work, we propose a multiscale approach that combines poromechanics with molecular and reservoir simulations in order to model such variations of permeability of the bed.

At the scale of the microporous coal matrix, molecular simulations of adsorption of methane in coal are performed. In those simulations, the molecular model for coal is kept flexible. The adsorption isotherms are simulated for various pressures of the fluid and strains of the solid. The coupling between adsorption and strain is quantified and compared to experimental data.

The coal bed reservoir is modeled as a two-scale porous medium made of cleats and micropores. We assume that cleats govern the transport properties of the reservoir and that adsorption occurs by filling of the micropores of the coal matrix. The poromechanical behavior of the coal matrix is modeled with constitutive equations that are valid for a microporous medium.

The results of the molecular simulations at the scale of the coal matrix are used as inputs in reservoir simulations of a coal bed reservoir. Those reservoir simulations enable to estimate how the rate of production or injection and the permeability of the bed evolve during the process.


- L. Brochard, M. Vandamme, R.J.-M. Pellenq, Poromechanics of microporous media. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 60 : 606-622 (2012).

- L. Brochard, M. Vandamme, R.J.-M. Pellenq, T. Fen-Chong, Adsorption-induced deformation of microporous materials : coal swelling induced by CO2-CH4 competitive adsorption. Langmuir 28(5) : 2659-2670 (2012).

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