Tuning the load of gold and magnetic nanoparticles in nanogels through their design for enhanced dual magneto-photo-thermia

Published on : 02/06/2021

Les travaux d’Esther Cazares-Cortes, encadrée par Christine Ménager et Ali Abou-Hassan, sur la synthèse de nanogels incorporant des nanoparticules magnétiques et des nano-bâtonnets d’or pour des applications en magnéto-photo-thermie, sont sortis dans Chemical Communications.

We describe a novel synthesis allowing one to enhance the load of magnetic nanoparticles and gold nanorods in nanogels. Two different structures, simple cores and core–shell, were synthesized and their heating properties upon alternating magnetic field or laser exposure are compared. Remarkably, the core–shell structure showed a greater heating capacity in the two modalities.