Langmuir – 2016 : Static Magnetowetting of Ferrofluid Drops

Published on : 01/07/2016

Static Magnetowetting of Ferrofluid Drops
Langmuir, 2016, DOI:10.1021/acs.langmuir.6b01934

by : Carlo Rigoni, Matteo Pierno, Giampaolo Mistura, Delphine Talbot, René Massart, Jean-Claude Bacri, and Ali Abou-Hassan

Contact PHENIX : ali.abou_hassan@upmc.fr

We report results of a comprehensive study of the wetting properties of sessile drops of ferrofluid water solutions at various concentrations deposited on flat substrates and subjected to the action of permanent magnets of different sizes and strengths. The amplitude and the gradient of the magnetic field experienced by the ferrofluid are changed by varying the magnets and their distance to the surface.
Magnetic forces up to 100 times the gravitational one and magnetic gradients up to 1 T/cm are achieved. A rich phenomenology is observed, ranging from flattened drops caused by the magnetic attraction to drops extended normally to the substrate because of the normal traction of the magnetic field. We find that the former effect can be conveniently described in terms of an effective Bond number that compares the effective drop attraction with the capillary force, whereas the drop’s vertical elongation is effectively expressed by a dimensionless number S, which compares the pressure jump at the ferrofluid interface because of the magnetization with the capillary pressure.