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PHENIX directory

Véronique Peyre

MC, maître de conférence

Phone: 33144273676

Email :

Office : 42-43, bureau 306 Sorbonne Université - Campus Pierre et Marie Curie - case 51

Research interests

Colloïdal stability

  • Dispersion of nanoparticles in various media (water, organic solvents, ionic liquids)
  • study of colloidal structure of the dispersions
  • Controle of the surface chemistry of the particles
  • Comprehension of stabilisation mechanisms

Physico-chemical characterization of ionic liquids and “deep eutectic solvent”

  • Influence of temperature and water quantity on the macroscopic properties of the liquids

European Project MAGENTA : “MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric devices Applications

Technical skills

  • Scattering (light, X-rayx, neutrons)
  • Viscosimetry, densimetry, index of refraction
  • Zetametry
  • Chemical titration


Master 1 : From microscopic to macroscopic

Polytech’UPMC 1st year : Thermochemistry

Initial training of teachers
– Course of thermodynamic et solution chemistry

Licence Professionnelle “Métiers de la Chimie et des Biotechnologies”
– Course on interfaces (measurement techniques)

Master 2 : Formulation of colloidal dispersions (MC 868)
– tutoring

Recent bibliography – jan 2017

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