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Ali Abou-Hassan

PU, professeur des universités

Phone: 330144275518

Email :

Office : Sorbonne University, campus Pierre & Marie Curie, 4 place Jussieu, 75005, Paris, France


Research areas

A) Synthesis of multi-scale and multifunctionnal nanomaterials combing different properties (magnetic and plasmonic ) using bulk and high-throughput microfluidic approaches. These synthesis are elaborated using bottom-up molecular or self-assembly approaches in bulk or using the physico-chemical advantages of microreactors. Many of these synthesis are devoted to applications in the field of nanomedecine particularly for cancer therapy and drug delivery. We are also interested by surface mofication of these nanomaterials.

B) Investigating the nucleation and growth mechanisms of inorganic materials such as the transformation of ferrihydrite to Goethite. We also study in a biomimetic approach the effect of confinement, flow and interfaces on the growth of kidney stones.

C) Elaboration of sel-oscillating systems and study of their self-organization in a biomimetic approach. Our aim is to learn some lessons to create multifunctionnal adaptable systems.

D) Biodegradation and biotransformation of multifunctionnal materials by cells using materials science approaches. What can we learn as chemists in pre-designing multifunctionnal materials for therapy? Can cells be used as factories to recreate and redesign the nanoarchitectures to new ones with new core and surface properties? Could they be used for therapy or personnalized nanomedecine?


-Plasma deposited high density amines on surface using (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane for assembling particles at near-nano size
X Rao, AA Hassan, C Guyon, S Ognier, M Tatoulian
Materials Chemistry and Physics 240, 121974, 2020

- Les cellules souches humaines sont capables de néo-biosynthétiser des nanoparticules magnétiques après avoir dégradé des nanoparticules synthétiques, A Van de Walle, A Abou-Hassan, N Luciani, C Wilhelm
médecine/sciences 35 (10), 725-727, 2019

- A Comparison Study of Functional Groups (Amine vs. Thiol) for Immobilizing AuNPs on Zeolite Surface
X Rao, M Tatoulian, C Guyon, S Ognier, C Chu, A Abou Hassan
Nanomaterials 9 (7), 1034, 2019

- Biosynthesis of magnetic nanoparticles from nano-degradation products revealed in human stem cells
A Van de Walle, AP Sangnier, A Abou-Hassan, A Curcio, M Hémadi, …
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (10), 4044-4053, 11 2019

- Exploring the water/oil/water interface of phospholipid stabilized double emulsions by micro-focusing synchrotron SAXS, I Clemente, K Torbensen, E Di Cola, F Rossi, S Ristori, A Abou-Hassan
RSC Advances 9 (57), 33429-33435, 2019

- Maghemite nanoparticles stabilize the protein corona formed with transferrin presenting different iron-saturation levels, U Martens, D Böttcher, D Talbot, U Bornscheuer, A Abou-Hassan, …Nanoscale 11 (34), 16063-16070 2019
Synthesis of benzaldehyde with high selectivity using immobilized AuNPs and AuNPs@ zeolite in a catalytic microfluidic system, X Rao, AA Hassan, C Guyon, EOM Ruiz, M Tatoulian, S Ognier, Lab on a Chip 19 (17), 2866-2873, 2019

- Recent insights in magnetic hyperthermia: From the “hot-spot” effect for local delivery to combined magneto-photo-thermia using magneto-plasmonic hybrids
J Fresnais, E Cazares-Cortes, S Cabana, C Boitard, E Nehlig, N Griffete, …2019

- Iron oxide nanoflowers@ CuS hybrids for cancer tri-therapy: Interplay of photothermal therapy, magnetic hyperthermia and photodynamic therapy
A Curcio, AKA Silva, S Cabana, A Espinosa, B Baptiste, N Menguy, …
Theranostics 9 (5), 1288, 11, 2019

- Recent insights in magnetic hyperthermia: From the “hot-spot” effect for local delivery to combined magneto-photo-thermia using magneto-plasmonic hybrids
E Cazares-Cortes, S Cabana, C Boitard, E Nehlig, N Griffete, J Fresnais, …
Advanced drug delivery reviews 138, 233-246, 10, 2019

- Magnetic (hyper) thermia or photothermia? Progressive comparison of iron oxide and gold nanoparticles heating in water, in cells, and in vivo
A Espinosa, J Kolosnjaj‐Tabi, A Abou‐Hassan, A Plan Sangnier, A Curcio, …
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (37), 1803660, 29, 2018

- Division of Ferrofluid Drops Induced by a Magnetic Field
C Rigoni, S Bertoldo, M Pierno, D Talbot, A Abou-Hassan, G Mistura
Langmuir 34 (33), 9762-9767, 5, 2018

- Dynamics of ferrofluid drops on magnetically patterned surfaces
C Rigoni, D Ferraro, M Carlassara, D Filippi, S Varagnolo, M Pierno, …
Langmuir 34 (30), 8917-8922, 9, 2018

- Intracellular Biodegradation of Ag Nanoparticles, Storage in Ferritin, and Protection by a Au Shell for Enhanced Photothermal Therapy
A Espinosa, A Curcio, S Cabana, G Radtke, M Bugnet, J Kolosnjaj-Tabi, …
ACS nano 12 (7), 6523-6535, 21, 2018

- High density gold nanoparticles immobilized on surface via plasma deposited APTES film for decomposing organic compounds in microchannels
X Rao, C Guyon, S Ognier, B Da Silva, C Chu, M Tatoulian, AA Hassan
Applied Surface Science 439, 272-281, 7, 2018

- Signal Transduction and Communication Through Model Membranes in Networks of Coupled Chemical Oscillators
A Abou-Hassan, Artificial Life and Evolutionary Computation: 12th Italian Workshop, WIVACE …2018

- Synthesis of Magnetic Nanomaterials
A Abou-Hassan, Microfluidics: Fundamentals, Devices, and Applications, 2018

- Sustainable strategies for large-scale nanotechnology manufacturing in the biomedical field, S Falsini, U Bardi, A Abou-Hassan, S Ristori, Green chemistry 20 (17), 3897-3907, 8, 2018

- Peptide functionalized magneto-plasmonic nanoparticles obtained by microfluidics for inhibition of β-amyloid aggregation
N Hassan, ML Cordero, R Sierpe, M Almada, J Juárez, M Valdez, …
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 6 (31), 5091-5099, 2018

- Lipid-stabilized water–oil interfaces studied by microfocusing small-angle X-ray scattering
E Di Cola, K Torbensen, I Clemente, F Rossi, S Ristori, A Abou-Hassan
Langmuir 33 (36), 9100-9105, 5, 2017

- Tuning the chemical communication of oscillating microdroplets by means of membrane composition, K Torbensen, S Ristori, F Rossi, A Abou-Hassan
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 121 (24), 13256-13264, 14, 2017

- Sprouting Droplets Driven by Physical Effects Alone
KA Rumble, ID Stoev, DJ French, A Abou-Hassan, PS Clegg, Langmuir 33 (17), 4235-4241, 3, 2017

- Biodegradation: Magneto‐Thermal Metrics Can Mirror the Long‐Term Intracellular Fate of Magneto‐Plasmonic Nanohybrids and Reveal the Remarkable Shielding Effect of Gold, F Mazuel, A Espinosa, G Radtke, M Bugnet, S Neveu, Y Lalatonne, …Advanced Functional Materials 27 (9), 2017

- Chemical communication and dynamics of droplet emulsions in networks of Belousov–Zhabotinsky micro-oscillators produced by microfluidics
K Torbensen, F Rossi, S Ristori, A Abou-Hassan, Lab on a Chip 17 (7), 1179-1189, 25 2017

- Urolithiasis: What can we learn from a Nature which dysfunctions?
D Bazin, D Portehault, F Tielens, J Livage, C Bonhomme, L Bonhomme, …
Comptes Rendus Chimie 19 (11-12), 1558-1564, 2016

- Static magnetowetting of ferrofluid drops, C Rigoni, M Pierno, G Mistura, D Talbot, R Massart, JC Bacri, …Langmuir 32 (30), 7639-7646, 35, 2016

- Facilitated Lewis Acid Transfer by Phospholipids at a (Water vertical bar CHCl3) Liquid vertical bar Liquid Interface toward Biomimetic and Energy Applications
TJ Stockmann, JM Noel, A Abou-Hassan, C Combellas, F Kanoufi
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C 120 (22), 11977-11983, 2016

- Synthetic Formation of Iron Oxides
C Chaneac, A Duchateau, A Abou-Hassan
Iron Oxides: From Nature to Applications

- G. Laffite, C. Leroy, C. Bonhomme, L. Bonhomme-Coury, E. Letavernier, M. Daudon, V. Frochot, J. P. Haymann, S. Rouzière, I. T. Lucas, D. Bazin, F. Babonneau, A. Abou-Hassan Calcium oxalate precipitation by diffusion using laminar microfluidics: toward a biomimetic model of pathological microcalcificationsLab Chip16, (2016) 1157-1160

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– Best thesis in 2010 from the physical-chemistry division of the French Society of Chemistry

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