Pierre Rizkallah’s thesis defense on June 29th at 2 pm

Published on : 14/06/2023

Pierre Rizkallah will defend his thesis entitled “Diffusion of a tracer in a crowded environment” on June 29th at 2 pm in the Durand amphitheater (Esclangon). This thesis was carried out under the supervision of Pierre Illien and Olivier Bénichou.


Stefan Rouach’s thesis defense: Microfluidics of ciliated surfaces: Biomimetic approach of the mucociliary clearance in the lungs

Published on : 19/04/2023

Stefan Rouach, supervised by par Jean-François Berret at the MSC lab (Université Paris Cité) and Jérôme Fresnais at the PHENIX lab, will defend his PhD on the 19th of April, at 3pm, at Université Paris Cité:

4 Rue Elsa Morante, 75013 Paris, Bâtiment Condorcet, niveau -1, salle S73A-PGG – Amphithéâtre Pierre-Gilles de Gennes