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PhD position in Physical Chemistry : Numerical simulation of polyelectrolytes dynamics

par Marie Jardat, Vincent Dahirel - 27 novembre


Polyelectrolytes (polymers whose repeating units bear a charge) have applications in many industrial fields including water treatment or oil recovery, and are essential elements of biological media. They turn out to have a very rich and complex behaviour in particular from the dynamical point of view, which is much less investigated than structural properties. In PHENIX laboratory, one of the largest research laboratories in physical chemistry in Paris, we seek to determine, understand and predict the behavior of colloidal and porous systems from short (picosecond) to large (hour) time scales, by using a unique combination of experimental and theoretical tools.

This three-year PhD position deals with the modeling of the dynamical properties of polyelectrolytes in water. The aim of this theoretical work is to build simplified but realistic models of polyelectrolytes, namely coarse-grained models, whose dynamic properties in various conditions will be studied by numerical simulations. Several numerical simulation techniques suited to different scales (atomistic or mesoscopic scales) will be used to derive the parameters of these coarse-grained models, and to predict the properties of the systems. A close collaboration with experimentalists working on the same kind of systems in the lab will enable to assess the relevance of the models.


UPMC represents French excellence in science and medicine and is a major player in the international knowledge and innovation economy. A direct descendant of the historic Sorbonne, UPMC is the top French university. More than 6000 researchers work in UPMC in 100 laboratories.

The PHENIX laboratory gathers more than 70 researchers working on the physical chemistry of colloidal systems and porous media. PhD students and post-docs come from many different countries including France, Germany, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, India, Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Ecuador, USA, China...

Requirements :

- Required Langage : ENGLISH : Good
- Master degree in physics or chemistry
- Strong interest in computational work
- Disciplined, self-motivated work style and ability to work independently

Net Salary

1422 € monthly

Contact : Pr. Marie Jardat