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Equipe SABDM

• Cow milk epicutaneous immunotherapy in children : a double-blind pilot trial of safety and efficacy , Dupont, C., Morillon, S. L., Kalach, N., Donne, N., Olivier, A., Soulaine, P., Peltre, G., Piloquet, H., Benhamou P. Allergy 64 (2009) 2.

• Towards an identification of water soluble and water-insoluble allergens of Pollen Cytoplasmic Granules. Abou Chakra OR, Sutra JP, Desvaux FX, Rogerieux F, Peltre G, Lacroix G, Sénéchal H. Allergy, 64 (2009) 108.

• In vitro genotoxicity of grass pollens caused by flavonoids. Batard T, Lemoine P, Chabre H, Villet B, Coradin T, Pothier J., Pichon V, De Person M., Peltre G., Nesslany F., Marzin D., Moingeon P., Allergy 64 (2009) 226

• Identification and characterization of pollen allergens of two cypress species by IEF, SDS-PAGE and immunoblotting. Shahali Y, Sutra JP, Desvaux FX, Peltre G, Calleja M, Charpin D, Sénéchal H, Poncet P. Allergy, 64 (2009) 376.

• Determination of cocaine in human plasma by selective solid-phase extraction using an aptamer-based sorbent. B.Madru, F. Chapuis-Hugon, E. Peyrin, V. Pichon, Anal. Chem, 81 (2009) 7081-7086.

• Precision of Flash Pyrolysis/GC-MS Analysis : Experimental Evaluation of the Sources of Variability. Ji L., Riana L. P., Sablier M., Vial J., Chromatographia, 69 (2009) 691-699.

• Spontaneous Grafting of Diazoates on Metals, F. I. Podvorica, F. Kanoufi, J. Pinson, C. Combellas, Electrochim. Acta, 54 (2009) 2164-2170.

• 0rganic functionalization of surface by electrografting : methods and applications, Actualité chimique, 327-28(2009)98-103

• Local direct and indirect reduction of electrografted aryldiazonium/gold surfaces for polymer brushes patterning, F. Hauquier, T. Matrab, F. Kanoufi, C. Combellas, Electrochim. Acta, 54 (2009) 5127-5136.

• Integrated microdevice for preconcentration and separation of a wide variety of compounds by electrochromatography, G. Proczek V. Augustin V, S. Descroix, MC. Hennion, Electrophoresis, 30 (2009) 515-524.

• Charge-based characterization of nanometric cationic bifunctional maghemite/silica core/shell particles by capillary zone electrophoresis. F. d’Orlyé, A. Varenne, T. Georgelin, J.-M. Siaugue, B. Teste, S. Descroix, P. Gareil. Electrophoresis 30 (2009)2572-2582

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• Structural effects in radical clocks and mechanism of Grignard formation reagent ; special effect of a phenyl substituent in radical clocks when the crossroad of selectivity takes place at a metal solution interface, H. Hazimeh, F. Kanoufi, C. Combellas, J.-M. Mattalia, M. Chanon, European J. Organic Chem., 2009 (2009) 2775-2787.

• Comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography for basic and neutral nitrogen speciation in middle distillates, F.Adam, F. Bertoncini, C. Dartiguelongue, K. Marchand, D., Thiebaut D, MC. Hennion MC, Fuel, 88 (2009) 938-946

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• Hyphenation of atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation mass spectrometry to supercritical fluid chromatography for polar car lubricant additives analysis. G. Lavison-Bompard, D. Thiebaut, JF. Beziau, B. Carraze, P. Valette, X. Duteurtre, JC. Tabet JC, J. Chromatogr. A 1216 (2009) 837-844

• Versatile method for electroosmotic flow measurements in microchips electrophoresis. Poitevin M, Viovy JL, Descroix S. J Chromatogr A. 1216 (2009) 1030-1033.

• Combination of dynamic time warping and multivariate analysis for the comparison of comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatograms Application to plant extracts. J.Vial, H. Nocairi, P Sassiat, S. Mallipatu, G. Cognon, D. Thiebaut D, A. Teillet, A, D.N. Rutledge, J. Chromatogr. A 1216 (2009) 2866-72

• High-temperature two-dimensional gas chromatography of hydrocarbons up to nC(60) for analysis of vacuum gas oils, T. Dutriez, M. Courtiade, D. Thiebaut, , H. Dulot, F. Bertoncini , J. Vial J, MC. Hennion, J. Chromatogr. A 1216 (2009) 2905-12

• Molecularly imprinted polymer for the analysis of zidovudine and stavudine in human serum by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry. S. Vo Duy, I. Lefebvre-Tournier, V. Pichon, F. Hugon-Chapuis, J.Y. Puy, C. Périgaud. J. Chromatogr. B, 877 (2009) 1101-1108.

• In-depth exploration of cow’s whey proteome via combinatorial peptide ligand libraries. D’Amato A, Bachi A, Fasoli E, Boschetti E, Peltre G, Sénéchal H, Righetti PG. J Proteome Res. 8 (2009) 3925-3936

• Molecularly imprinted polymers for the solid-phase extraction of ephedrine and analogs from human plasma. M. Lasakova, D. Thiebaut, P. Jandera, V. Pichon, J. Sep. Sci. 32 (2009) 1036-1042.

• Selective sample pretreatment by molecularly imprinted polymer for the analysis of LSD from biological fluids. F. Hugon, M. Cruz-Vera, S. Ramatoulaye, W. Hadj Ali, M. Valcarcel, M. Deveaux, V. Pichon, J. Sep. Sci. 32 (2009) 3301-3309.

• IFN alpha kinoid vaccine-induced neutralizing antibodies prevent clinical manifestations in a lupus flare model. Zagury D, Le Buanec H, Mathian A, Vogel G, Larcier P, Burnett R, Amoura Z, Emilie D, Peltre G, Bensussan A, Bizzini B, Gallo RC, Koutouzov S. PNAS, 106 (2009) 5294-99.

• Charge redistribution in electrochemically actuated mechanical sensors, F. Amiot, F. Kanoufi, F. Hild, J.P. Roger, Sensors and Actuators A : Physical, 2009 (152) 88-95.